The city and its surroundings has the possibilities of socio-cultural and sport activities. There are outdoor and indoor swimming pools, tennis courts, hiking trails, ski lifts and the like.

The most popular tourist destinations include:

Renaissance - Gothic Radničné (Town Hall) Square
Church of Saint John the Baptist from the 15th century
Evangelical church from the 18th century
City Hall from the 16th century
Basilica Minor of Saint Egidius from the 14th century
Bardejov Calvary of the 19th century
Jewish suburb of the 18th century
Šariš Museum
Museum of Folk Architecture in Bardejov Spa
Wooden churches
Zborov castle
Memorial Dukla
The manor house in the village Hertník
Archaeological sites
Bardejov spa


In the northeastern part of Slovakia in the valley of Topľa, beneath the Lower Beskid at an altitude of 277 m lies Bardejov - the centre of the Upper Šariš region. It has about 32 000 inhabitants and an area of ​​ 1 013 km2. Bardejov is the administrative center of Upper Šariš and is rightly characterized as the most Gothic town in Slovakia. It is attractive not only for historians but also for the general public. In 1950 Bardejov was declared an urban conservation area and in 1986 it was awarded the European Prize - Gold Medal of the International Foundation ICOMOS at UNESCO, based in Hamburg, for the preservation of historical monuments. Part of the new Bardejov is also Bardejov Spa, which is now among the most popular spa resorts in Slovakia. Bardejov Spa, which has teamed with the remarkable beauty of cultural and historical monuments, offers guests not only medical treatment but also a rich cultural and social life.

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